Don’t just take my word for it, here are what some of my students say about the courses:

Margaret  (Tuesday mornings):
“I have now been at Chris’s Sewing  School for 15 months. I am so pleased to have taken this step at trying my hand at dressmaking.  My achievements have really surprised me and I now realise what can be done with the help of a good teacher.

Chris’s patience and understanding are great and her ability to teach is exceptional.  She has time for everyone in her class and you come away feeling relaxed and happy.  I have made great friends who have the same interests, so we all help each other through our frustrations in life.

Thanks Chris for being a great teacher and for making it so much fun.”

Jan  (Tuesday mornings):
“After a gap of twenty years, I took the plunge and joined one of Chris’s sewing classes to start dressmaking again.  I am thrilled with the garments I have made and Chris has assisted me in making them fit properly and to have a professional finish.  I have received many compliments on how good they are.

Chris’s classes are friendly and I felt part of the group from the very first day.  Chris is very patient, very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher.  I look forward to my sewing class every week now – it’s great fun.”

Grace  (Tuesday mornings):
“I have been a student with Chris for many years now.  Her classes have always been happy and friendly and I have been so pleased with everything I have made.  Chris has taught me so much and I am really grateful.”

Jodie (Saturday morning):
“I joined Chris’s sewing classes in August 2011, as I have wanted to learn to make clothes ever since dabbling with a sewing machine as a young girl. The atmosphere in the class is both fun and encouraging.  Seeing the more experienced students work gives inspiration (and hope!) for beginners.

The classes are small enough to receive the attention you need and the work space is fabulous – the cutting table is the envy of all of us who would love our own sewing room. And the view from the windows – picturesque!

I have been increasingly impressed with Chris’s eye for detail. Each project that I have brought to class has been taken to the next level.

Chris often describes our garments as “handmade not homemade”, I couldn’t put it better myself.”

Heather (Saturday mornings):
Chris’s sewing classes are not just about learning to sew – l thought I had learnt that many years ago! It’s about learning to sew well, how to deal with problems that arise when a project might previously have been abandoned and getting that perfect fit. On top of all that they are fun and Chris is just the perfect mentor.

Kelly (Saturday mornings):
Chris’s classes have given me the confidence to try to make anything. Nothing is impossible. I’ve discovered that things I thought were impossible were in fact well within my reach once I knew how.